Art Therapy invites the clients to explore and express their thoughts, beliefs, emotions, concerns, dreams and wishes in a non-verbal way.

Creative expression of these 'inner pictures' offers the possibility to see them, work with them and gain new insights.

Our first meeting is about getting to know each other and for you to share why you have come to see me ;-)

As an intuitive-creative Art Therapist, I invite you to open a space for you to connect with yourself, which means we may do a short meditation, deep breathing or a body treatment. This can also help you to become more clear of your goals and intentions for your path.

Remember, we are working with ALL of you; Body, Mind and Spirit.

In your first session you most likely are going to do a drawing and we will explore your artwork together which can bring you deep insights.


In Art Therapy,  I work with the conscious and unconscious expressions in a psychodynamic way. This process encourages self-discovery and emotional growth. I also include CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) when appropriate.

Different art materials are available to use for drawing, painting, pastels, clay, collage and more... Furthermore, different forms of art can be included in Art Therapy for example sound and movement.

​It is important to know that Art Therapy is not about skill or technique, no previous experience is required!

Art therapy looks at life as a continuum of change and welcomes people from all ages.

You can benefit from Art Therapy if you are experiencing:


  • depression

  • anxiety

  • addiction

  • feelings of exhaustion

  • burnout

  • trauma/ PTSD

  • chronic illness

  • chronic pain

  • life change challenges such as job loss or relocation

  • family and relationship issues

  • grief and loss

Research shows that deep trauma (eg. PTSD) is often held in the body and I have seen this many times over the years working as a nurse and therapist. Art Therapy and Craniosacral 

Online Consultations available with Skype. Please contact me for more info.

Languages: English, German and Swiss-German.

To live with ease and joy, know that you are the creator, the artist, of your life - artwork. Treat yourself with respect,  kindness and love. If you feel dis-ease or pain, slow down, go within and ask yourself, what do I need now? All answers are already within you.

  'Art doesn't have to be pretty. It has to be meaningful                                                                     Duane Hanson

Initial Consultation 1.5 hours $135      
Follow up 60 min $95